Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems


Not all states require fire protection sprinkler systems in new single-family homes, so why would your new home need a fire protection sprinkler system when it is not required?

The answer to this question is simple: sprinklers save lives. 

Easy and Cost Effective

Residential fire protection sprinkler systems are designed to contain or even extinguish fires, allowing for time for you and your family to escape and the fire department to arrive.
In the event a fire breaks out in your home, the sprinkler closest to the fire would begin spraying water once it reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit and is set off.  
This means fire and water damage would be contained to the area immediate to the fire. This also means the smoke from something burning on the stove would not set off a sprinkler. 

The easiest and most cost-effective way to add a fire protection sprinkler system to your home is while it is being built or remodeled, but the systems can be added to your home at any point.  

Once installed, residential sprinkler systems are designed to perform for 20 years.