Fire Protection Sprinkler Design for PNC Park

Upright Sprinkler Design Company was hired on to complete a large section of the fire protection sprinkler design for PNC Park.  

The sprinkler system in this baseball stadium took designers about a year to complete, due to the size of the project and complicated system the structure required.

PNC Park's Dry Sprinkler System

PNC Park has a dry sprinkler system, meaning the water is held in the pipes that are located in an insulated and heated area of the building. 

The actual sprinklers and the portion of the pipe leading to the sprinklers are empty until they are needed in the event of a fire.  

The reason the system needs to be used is simple, it gets cold in Pittsburgh and most of PNC Park is exposed to the elements, and pipes filled with water would burst if they were not in a heated area.


With over 30 years of experience in the automatic fire protection sprinkler industry, USDC provides its clients with two core services, automatic fire protection sprinkler system design and automatic fire protection sprinkler system consultation.

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