On the Forefront of Technology

Upright Sprinkler Design Company has stayed on the forefront of technology since 1985. 

As drafting moved from paper and pencil, USDC has continued to advance its computers, large-format plotting equipment, and programs to stay current with the industry.


AutoCAD has been the primary program used at USDC for close to 30 years.  As the program has evolved, so have the designers.  

AutoCAD has been updated with the release of each new version, and employees have attended training classes and seminars to stay familiar with the program.


The use of REVIT allows designers to coordinate with other trades more efficiently.
While not everyone has moved into this 3D design at this point, it is the direction architectural design is moving.
USDC employees have been attending REVIT training classes to stay ahead of the curve, and have begun using the program when compatible with jobs.


With over 30 years of experience in the automatic fire protection sprinkler industry, USDC provides its clients with two core services, automatic fire protection sprinkler system design and automatic fire protection sprinkler system consultation.

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